Living with chronic pain

Living with chronic pain, especially back pain can be debilitating not only physically but mentally as well. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was pain free and after two major back surgeries in the last three years, I actually think my pain is worse now.

It has been a little over six months since my most recent surgery, which we thought was going to be a revision of my first surgery to correct the top level of my fusion at L3. For some reason the top level didn’t fuse and the pedicle screws became stripped, just like a screw in wood. However, when they opened me up they discovered that both pars bones, which are the small vertical bones that connect the vertebra, were broken between L3 and L4. Obviously this changed the whole scope of the operation.

Thus far the images are not showing any reason that I am in so much pain but they didn’t show the two broken pars bones either. I met with a pain management doctor today and we’re going to try steroid injections again. I haven’t had any success with these in the past but it’s worth a shot. I’m also scheduled to have some additional images taken of my lower back next week and will receive the results next Friday.

I’m hoping they finally reveal something; as I told my doctor last week, I can feel and hear a clicking, popping sensation when I get up. It is definitely not a gas release like when you crack your knuckles or get an adjustment at the chiropractor.

The last couple of weeks my pain has become almost overwhelming. I used to get some relief from lying down but now even lying down is painful which is really affecting my sleep. This kind of pain affects everything from your mood to being able to do even simple tasks around the house. My doctors prescribed some stronger pain medication today so hopefully that will provide some relief.

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4 Responses to Living with chronic pain

  1. Erin Fields says:

    Praying for you Todd! You’re an incredibly strong person to have accomplished all that you have and also to be enduring this pain. I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be. I’m praying that you get relief soon and that you have the strength to endure until then! Hopefully, we’ll get to see you guys soon!

    • Todd Kinsey says:

      Thanks Erin,

      God never gives us more than we can handle although this one has been tough. I think it may be even harder on Heather and the boys than it is me.

      Thanks for the prayers, you can never have too many of those. Tell your hubby we send our love.


  2. Latoya Roughen says:

    Some people may have been nursing a broken spine for a long period of time and not even know about it. That back pain may have been due to a fall during any sports activity such as basketball, skiing, horse-back riding or a football game wherein you’ve been misdiagnosed with only a broken right arm. However, after the injured arm heals, there seems to have developed an intense back pain that made regular activities such as sleeping and moving around too difficult to do. The pain goes on and would never seem to leave you. Aside from the stress and agony it brings, chronic pain can lead to other serious medical conditions.;

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